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One good thing about the new iPod nanos

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I’m not that impressed by the new iPod nanos – usually Apple comes out with something interesting, but honestly, an accelerometer and an “intelligent” music-analyzing algorithm does not really impress me. And the design is just a step back towards the iPod mini. I like the form factor of my old nano (3rd gen) – it fits perfectly into that (previously) useless pocket that’s partly inside the right front pocket on almost every pair of jeans. I’d rather see capacity improvements on the 3rd gen nano, than the launch of the 4th gen.

Well, enough with the grumpy old man. To the point: One good thing about the new nanos, is the video at, which is showcasing some of the new features. In that video, the nano plays a bit of Datarock – a Norwegian band that I had totally forgotten about. Watching that video made me rediscover Datarock and now they’re on repeat (especially the track “Fa-fa-fa” with the funky bassline and guitar). Thank you Apple, for reminding me about Datarock. Looking forward to the 5th gen nanos.

Take a look at Datarock on YouTube. The image belongs to Apple.