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Video prototyping – KeyLess

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Here comes an update – only a week late! The second foundations course was a short 1-week course in video prototyping. Video prototyping is about sketching a product or service concept using video as the medium – the outcome is not a polished video, but a video showing and explaining the overall features of the service in short time. The course covered the process from storyboarding and making props to shooting and editing using basic tools (like iMovie).

This video was shot and edited in 2 days. Before that an even more low fidelity and low resolution version was made. The video prototype is about the “KeyLess” service, a concept that the whole class worked with (it was open for interpretation). KeyLess is basically a service for people who often forget or lose their keys – just call Keyless, and you will have a set of spare keys within 30 minutes. As the video is not an ad, but a concept description, you will also see shots of the verification process at the KeyLess office as well as agreeing on a meeting place (in this case Trianglen).

It took some effort convincing the 7-Eleven girl to be in our movie, but besides that everything went smooth.