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First days of the workshop week

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

The second week is where we are getting an introduction to some of the most important workshops at DKDS. Monday was glass (both hot and cold), today (Tuesday) was ceramics (mainly plaster) and the rest of the week is metal and wood.


Gathering some very hot glass

Gathering some very hot glass. Kevin is protecting my hands from the heat.

Especially the hot glass workshop was extremely cool (is that self-contradictory?). It looks a lot easier than it is, but I managed to blow my own “Snaps”-glass. I’d say the design is more unique than it’s pretty… In the cold glass workshop we made glass-weapons to keep the Swedish trolls from crossing the bridge. Apparently that’s the Design School’s responsibility – at least according to the case that the workshop leader Charlie had written for us.


Working on the knives in the cold glass workshop

Working on the knives in the cold glass workshop

The pictures were taken by Alie (as usual).